About “A Ballplayer’s Blog”

A Ballplayer’s Blog is going to shed some light on the minor league experience while it is happening, while it’s fresh in my mind (and perhaps others if teammates/friends decide to join my blog). Through daily experiences that lead into anecdotes from recent past and much longer ago, the posts will offer a humorous and honest glimpse into the scattered lives and minds of young men who gave their life to a game. It will bring those from the outside closer to understanding the struggles, physically and mentally, of a job where failing 7 out of 10 times makes you one of the best. A game so difficult, yet so enjoyable; a game that gave a scrawny kid from Sharon Connecticut nearly everything, with a whole lot of help from family and friends along the way.

About the Writer

27993580_1438209706302592_5214578755422107082_oWilly Yahn here to shed a little bit of light on the daily minor league experience in a funny while intriguing manner. This should be a complicated task, which is appropriate for such a complicated game from a player with a complicated but blessed baseball experience so far. I was born and raised in beautiful small-town Sharon, Connecticut, population just north of 2,000. I went to Housatonic Valley Regional High School and had to get a hit 66% of the time in the less than elite Berkshire League to trick those great coaches at University of Connecticut into thinking I could compete over there in Storrs. Three decent seasons at UConn and an unforgettable summer experience playing in the Cape Cod League led me to the Baltimore Orioles minor league system, where one season in the Gulf Coast League is the only evidence of my existence in the professional game thus far.